Enticing Life’s Fire

‘The darkness gently begins to wane nudging spring’s door, mid way between the chills of winter and the warmth of future spring. Live and love the moment. Write your stories, dreams and wishes. Take out your oracles and create magic. Read words from the stories of your life. Honour you. In this last phase of winter the inward journey uncovers the key to our essence.’    ix

Joyfully we Banish the Word ‘can’t’

Imbolc meaning ‘ewe’s milk’ is the time when we re ignite our internal fire. We kindle our wishes and dreams with inner light. The energy is one of standing up for what we truly believe is right as the Sun starts to make his presence higher in the sky and the days begin to noticeably grow lighter and longer.

Brigit the Celtic Goddess represents all three aspects of the woman, Maiden Mother and Crone. She tirelessly protects all of those who call on her with her energy of youth, nurturing and wisdom. She invites you to touch your power and ignite your flame, speak from the depths of your heart, speak your truth, stand up for who you are and stop worrying about what others think.


Wishes, Hopes and Dreams

As our spirits begin to stir and awaken candles and fires are ignited as part of the Imbolc tradition to represent the power of the sun. From the depths of winter the land begins to warm. Roots and shoots start appearing, nature is reborn and refreshed. The ‘First Drops of Spring‘ start appearing before our very eyes.


Create a space of peace, light a candle and repeat the following words three times. This gentle ritual can be enhanced by taking the elixirs that appear highlighted above.

‘Just like mother earth during the spring I am open to the new life that stirs inside of me.’

Nourish your Being

Through winters looking glass the spring is clear. Step through the door and begin to gently accept the new. Cleansing and clearing the old makes space for rejuvenation. Give yourself permission to lighten your load.

Through the looking glass

Lie still and rest your body against the earth. Feel the back of your body surrendering to our mothers energy, allow her to take your weight. Breathe deeply in through the nose allowing your centre to rise and fill, breathe out through the nose allowing your centre to relax, contract and fall. With every out breath relax just a bit more and begin to feel the pulse of the earth beneath your body. Feel the stirring of new life beneath you, new colour and new hope, wishes and dreams. Every time you breathe in draw up her energy into your physical body and mind, feel replenished and as you breathe out let go of all that doesn’t serve you anymore. As you surrender let mother earth take the old to transform into the new………. And so the cycle begins.

Spring Clean

Aura sprays and misters are a subtle way to enhance the energy of any space within your home or work place. They clear stagnant and unwanted energies within the aura. ‘Crystal Soup Space Cleanser‘ is a combination of Silent Moon Imaginarium elixirs and essential oils that accompany the specific season we are in. A perfect way to stay present with the seasonal energies.

Sensual Aromas for February

Burn, rub or sniff

  • Juniper
  • Vanilla
  • Pine
  • Patchouli
  • Cedarwood
  • Cardamom
  • Verbana

Always consult a therapist before using if breastfeeding or pregnant.


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