Dora’s Field Elixir

Dora’s Field Elixir created at Dora’s Field ‘Rydal’ the home of William Wordsworth.

This Daffodil Elixir gives you permission to step through the door of fear, to leave what may feel secure and safe knowing deep down that moving forward with courage and trust is the only way to serve your highest good. An Elixir that brings purity, happiness and future growth.

‘Then the heart with pleasure fills and dances with the daffodils’ …. William Wordsworth.

Part of the our wishing well future offerings

‘Deep inside the heart of the English Lake District during the months of March and April a humble field of treasures lie. Like miniature sunshines on stalks a sea of yellow reflecting strength and timeless blessings into the wind. This field of magic enchants every passing stranger. It’s rich history stirs the soil. Every inch of my being is drawn closer as I’m wrapped in the fondness of it’s memories and undying illusions.’

‘After his daughter Dora died in 1847, William went down to the field between Rydal Mount and the road, and together with his wife, sister and gardener, planted hundreds of daffodils as a memorial to Dora.’

‘ I stand tall, I look forward and step beyond the door which leads me out through my fears’.

Healing Benefits

Helps when stepping through doors of fear

Abundance of life’s pleasures

The ability to let go of what may be holding us back

Brings courage and security to any situation

Trust in the self

Brings purity, happiness and growth


Moon enhanced pure water, alcohol as a preservative, energies of daffodil flower. Made by MoonLite strength and deep truth.

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