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No Green Smoothie…..

No Green Smoothie is going to bring you happiness if you don’t spend time looking within… The body will accumulate dis-ease and tension over time if  you don’t look at shifting negative patterns. That’s a fact. To put it bluntly, no green smoothie or salt bath is going to change that for you, even if

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Full Moon Ritual Blessings

Find out this months Full Moon focus This Full Moon holds the energy of Solution. It’s a time when you may experience a surprise or an unexpected change of circumstances that may turn opinion in your favour and without sounding too much like Mystic Meg, energetically this may be something you want to bring to your attention

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Surviving to Thriving

‘ I just say find the excitement in the journey. Enjoy the journey, because if we are not enjoying the journey then we are constantly looking for the destination, it’s not there.’

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Womb Centred Healing Podcast

Womb centred healing podcast with Sama Morningstar I am loving all my collaborations right now with women. Opening wonderfully authentic doors into our truth. Embodying our power, nurturing our souls and digging deep into our authentic selves. I just want to thank so many of you that I have connected with over the past few

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tricia and me

The Wild Authentic Self

The Power of the Flower and how to connect with your wild, authentic self here on Charmed Life Radio. Discussing our wild and wonderful nature. How natures rituals can shift our life experiences if we allow ourselves to connect. This inspiring talk between myself and Tricia is filled with wisdom and life force. Listen and

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Power of the Flower with Laura Christine – Light of Conscience

A light and free spirited conversation with Laura. From Hawaii to the UK. We even had fun playing a little intuitive flower game. It’s a quick reminder on how we can all access our intuition when we allow ourselves to get out of our own way. A simple and true phrase. Laura: So excited about

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Words, Women and Wisdom with Host Yvonne E.L. Silver

If you missed this interview with Yvonne E.L. Silver of my story you can now watch it here. Rising from Chaos to Confidence… She was the controller, the sensitive, the anorexic teen. She lead herself slowly down a spiral and into her deepest most vulnerable shadow. She lost everything, friends, family her light and (almost)

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My Story with Pine

Tree Stories 2 is the second story in a collection of video interviews about trees/bushes/shrubs (called tree(s) henceforth). These stories are from story-sharers from around the world whose connection is radiantly wonderful … and who exude the tree spirt of the tree they share. Story-Sharer – Indra Singh, England Tree: Pine Visit the link HERE

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