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On July 22nd 2017 I have been invited (with Silent Moon Imaginarium) to take part in the Awaken the Goddess festival In London. This will be a perfect day to immerse yourself with healing, self love and nurturing of the soul. There will be workshops and vibrant market stalls and divine goddess talks, all to support you in stepping that little bit deeper into your true goddess power and form.

Below is an interview that I did with Awaken the Goddess founder Sameena Ali. I speak to her about my very own journey with the goddess and how Silent Moon Imaginarium elixirs and the moon phases can support you with stepping deeper into understanding the shadow side of self. This is something that we all have within us and is part of our own individual and delicious wonderful-mess

By embracing the core of our nature and truth, peeling away the onion layers and acknowledging the stillness within our centre we can see who we truly are without projections and conditions set upon us by ourselves or others.


Link to festival – where to get tickets:


Remember you can start awakening the goddess with my newly launched ‘Embodying your MoonSpirit course.’

Available HERE


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