As a Woman Where do I start?

Is it such a secret?

If there are any men reading this then please read on. After all it is valuable information for us all and after the Awaken the Goddess Festival 2018 in London, being approached by woman suffering for womb dis-ease, emergency hysterectomies, I couldn’t ignore it, I had to write something, with a touch of the personal.

Let me begin……

There were times in my youth I would think I was invincible. That nothing would touch me.  I lived in my own cocoon. I didn’t honour me. I did what I wanted, when I wanted. I didn’t do it to hurt others but looking back I did it to hurt myself. To feel the pain made me feel alive. I was needy but I needed nothing from anyone and I abused my body in more ways than I can tell you.

I look back now with love. I had to live this to be here now, I was very nearly not here now. I’ve supported myself and now I help others who have gone through similar. Those with addiction, drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders and mental and physical trauma. I always said ‘ If I survive through all this then I will share it.’ So I do and I have.

Healing the womb space is a vital part of the female journey.  You may also think you are invincible but the womb stores hurts and pains, ex partners and grief from times before. The womb cries out for you to listen, are you listening?

This is where I go deep and the first thing to learn about going deep is to know your self. I can share my journey with you the best I can but not everyone is ready to follow and not everyone is ready to go deep, we all have a different journey. The 11 moon centres supported me. I was willing to go there, take time and do the work. I gained knowledge of myself on a deeper level. Of course it was messy beyond belief, but oh! the relief.

To often people want a quick fix. They want years of emotional trauma to be released in the wave of a wand or dropping a few drops of an elixir on their tongue. Whose to say this can’t happen? However I always stress very deeply that you have to be willing to get down, deep down and do the warrior dance, literally.

Healing the womb space begins with meditation and Yoni steaming.  It requires you to have the space and time to yourself without interruption so that you can literally open up to this intense cleansing experience.

Every woman I have worked with has experienced something different. If I could record all your magical stories then I would. This experience has the ability to strip you bare, have you crying into your pillow, years and years of held in tears. It may have you laughing hysterically or feeling a sense of peace like never before. We are all different but we all experience something new, something relevant to our healing journey and even if your time over the bucket feels alien and a little bit weird then that is the perfect starting point for you.

Every experience matters just as you matter and you can find out more HERE. Where I also created a video to make your life easier.

I am such a yoni steam advocate I feel it necessary that you, as a woman really make the most of this sacred time by holding the space. Prepare your room with candles, soft lighting and your favourite smells. This is a time to honour you and this was the reason I created Red Tent. By the way if you are a man reading this, it may be possible for you to support such preparation.

It’s ok to feel vulnerable……..

Some woman feel vulnerable after the experience and I wanted to created something soothing and relaxing for the time of rest post steam. With help from my daughters we created an oil which is the perfect relaxation oil for the womb. It’s nurturing, calming and gives a deep sense of wellbeing.

Both my Yoni Steam and my Red Tent are not only created with the moon energy but I combine the elixirs of Maiden  Mother and Crone to bring added depth to your experience.

The vibration of Maidens flower blossoms, Mothers willow and Crones Oak are an added luxury and will support you in understanding the deeper aspect of you, your archetypes and where they fit.

These archetypes are here to play with and honour, be curious they may serve you well.

If you have any further questions then please email me at 


MoonLite Blessings

I x


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